Monthly Challenge: Summer edition

Hi everyone! July is here! Which means it’s time for a new challenge. This month I’m going to do the challenge a bit different, but more about that later. Let’s first discuss the June challenge.

So the June challenge was  overall easy, some tasks were harder (especially to do it everyday) but most of them were fairly easy. The ones that I thought were the most difficult were:

  1. Talk with a stranger: I think this so awkward, so this one was really difficult for me. To be honest, I didn’t do this everyday. I even think I didn’t do this every week.
  2. Don’t complain: seriously, you don’t know how  much you complain until you’re not allowed to. I thought I didn’t complain that much, but I realized this month that I complain about the little things. Like ‘oh it’s too hot’ or ‘my hands hurt from writing too much’ etc. I didn’t really succeed in this task, but it did made me realize how much I actually complain, and due to this I’m actually paying attention to it.
  3. Quit a bad habit: which is logical because if quitting bad habits would be easy, everybody would quit it immediately.
  4. Play a board game with somebody: this isn’t  a hard task to do, I actually quite enjoy playing board games, but it was hard in the sense that I don’t feel like playing board games everyday (so I didn’t).
  5. Do a crossword: I dislike crosswords, so I changed this one to do a sudoku everyday. Which is also challenging and more fun for me. I think it’s great to challenge your brain on a daily basis, however you shouldn’t be doing things you don’t like at all. So under that motto I just changed the first task.

There were a  lot of challenges that I loved to do, like taking a picture everyday. And the whole idea of challenging your brain was very appealing to me. Nonetheless, the coming months I won’t continue doing all these tasks every day.

The Summer Challenge

It looks a bit different than normal. Instead of a challenge for a month, I’m taking the two summer months together. Giving myself 62 days to achieve two challenges. Yes, you read that right, two challenges. But this time I have 62 days to achieve both.

Challenge number 1 is a reading challenge. I feel like I didn’t put enough time in reading this year. To change this I’m challenging myself to read 10 books this summer. For some this may seem little, for others a lot. It means that I’ll have to read one book a week. Which is doable, right? If I read a little everyday, I should be able to finish this challenge. The first book that is on my list to read is Nights in Rodanthe by Nicholas Sparks. As you might remember from a previous post, Nicholas Sparks is one of my favorite authors, so I’m really looking forward reading this book.

Challenge number 2: walk 10.000 steps a day. Now this is a big challenge for me. It is vacation, so I do not have to go outside. It is easy for me to stay inside and binge-watch Netflix, play The Sims and so on (lots of activities that means sitting down). To be a bit healthier this summer, I’m going to try to take 10.000 steps a day. If someone has tips & tricks to make this an easy task for a couchpotato, don’t hesitate and let me know!


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