In The Spotlight: Pretty Little Liars

Hi everyone! It is time for a new “in the spotlight”! This month I wanted to put Pretty little liars in the spotlight because the series is coming to an end. Obviously we all want to know who A.D. is and I know that there are tons of theories going around the internet. So in this “spotlight” I’m going to discuss who I think A.D. is. 

But first things first. If you haven’t seen Pretty Little Liars yet, this is a short summary:

There are 5 girls who are best friends, on a summer night one of the girls disappears. Her name is Allison. After the strange night, the girls drift a part. But than Allison’s body is discovered. The police found out she was murdered. That’s the moment the life of the girls changes forever. They get terrorized by -A, who threatens to expose all their secrets.

Anyways if you haven’t watch the show yet, you better stop reading now (and go watch the show) or you will read spoilers.


source: © Freeform

Are you guys ready  to find out who I think A.D. is? OK, well I honestly have no idea. And I feel like the moment I find out will be kind of like when I found out who Gossip Girl was. I think I’m going to be surprised, but at the same time I’ll feel that it’s logical and I’ll wonder why I didn’t realize it before. However, I am going to take a guess.

I definitely think it is one of the girls. Yes, they all been tortured, nonetheless I feel like it is one of them. Although, when I start thinking about it too much, I think it could also be Paige, Lucas or (even) Caleb (someone made some really good points on why it could be him).

  1. Allison
    Allison is one of my prime suspects. She manipulated the girls from in the beginning, so who knows. At the same time I feel it couldn’t be her, because  it would be to obvious and PLL is known for a good twist.
  2. Emily
    Emily is the one everybody loves, she can’t do anything wrong. She is extremely in love with Allison and now they’re having a baby together. Because of this innocence I can totally see that she’s A.D. I think we would least expect it to be her, yet it would make sense. Think about, she loves Allison and all she wanted was for Allison to love her back. Maybe she terrorized everyone to get closer to Allison. By making everyone scared she gave herself the opportunity to protect and take care of Alli.
  3. Spencer
    There is a lot going on for Spencer. Her family tree became so much more complicated by finding out who her real mom is. I think it could be her, but in a sense that she has a personality disorder and that she might not know what she’s doing.Lots of people are speculating that there is another twin in town. Just look op A.D. + Spencer and you’ll come across tons of twin-theories. It’s PLL, so it is possible. But I hope it’s not, that family tree is already complicated enough. However the theories do have some fair points, like the doctor saying that he delivered two babies of Mary Drake could mean she had a twin. But there are many more points that make  it believable.
  4. Aria
    I’ve never considered Aria as A.D. and I don’t know why. Yes, she is the one who did the hush in the beginning. And her name starts with an A. There are probably many more reasons and clues why she could be A.D. However, I’ve never considered her. Which now that I think of it makes her suspicious. But I don’t know.
  5. Hannah
    I think Hannah is the least possible, which also makes her the most possible, if that makes sense. Hannah has been tortured so much, that I feel like it couldn’t be her and must be someone that genuinely hates her. But at the same time, it makes me wonder if the writers want you to think that, so that she’s off the radar. Maybe they just want you to think that she is worse off, so that we wont think that she’s the master mind behind all of it.
    But than the question is of course WHY? Why would Hannah torture herself and her friends (the others are her friends right?)? I can only come up with a reason why she doesn’t like Allison,  but not why she would do these horrifying things to Allison & co. In other words, I think Hannah is not A.D.


Conclusion: they could all be A. I find Allison, Emily and Spencer the most suspicious. But of course A.D. could also be Mona, Ezra, Paige, Lucas, Caleb etc. I mean anyone could be A. Anyhow, we will find it out very soon. The last episode of Pretty Little Liars airs 27 June. Unfortunately, Netflix won’t post it online until Sunday (2 July). It will be tricky to avoid all spoilers, because I’m pretty sure my news feed will be overflowing with “… is A.D.”.  Nonetheless I can’t wait to find out. Who do you think A.D. is and why? Let me know!


Featured image from TVLine



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