3 Tips to conquer the exams

I’m very busy learning for my exams. I often stumble upon lost of motivation and the lack of energy to keep studying. However, following are 3 tips that help me conquer my exams. I hope they’ll help  you too.

  1. Study method
    Find a study method that works for you. And realize that it might be possible that you need a different study method for different subjects.
    Do you need to write it all out? Or do you learn better by saying everything out loud? Find your way, and studying will become a lot easier.

    For me, personally, it helps to write everything down, but also to repeat a lot (see tip 3)! To find inspiration and new methods I read books and articles, and I also go on YouTube to see what other students do (there are tons of study channels). 

  2. Alone or in group?
    Just like you have to find the study method that works for you, you also have to find out if you study better on your own or in group. I personally  prefer studying alone. I find that studying in group is very distracting for me and I often end up distracting the whole group. So I study on my own.

    However, being able to ask questions to fellow classmates is great. I definitely recommend having a messenger or WhatsApp group with (some) classmates. It gives you to opportunity to exchange notes, thoughts, questions and help. Make sure that the group consist of people you trust and you can rely on. It’s not fun if you’re always the one that’s helping out. Which also means that you should make sure that you help out too. But remember, everyone has his talents. Some people are good in making notes, others in motivating. This is also the case for subjects, some are better in science, others in languages. Just make sure that you’re not the only one sharing information or the only one not helping others out. In other words, keep in mind to keep things in balance. Don’t only ask for help or only give help, but make sure you do both (equally).

  3. Practice
    With a lot of subjects it is not enough to know the theory or to be able to solve the question. You have to be able to give the answer as quickly as possible. You can only do this if you practice, a lot. Do you have an exam about excel? Make tons of exercises! And time it. So that you learn to work quickly and efficiently. During your exam you often don’t get a lot of time, and the only way to be able to answer everything correctly is by applying everything fast. So, PRACTICE, PRACTICE, PRACTICE!


Those where my 3 tips on conquering exams. What are your tips & tricks? What do/did you do to conquer exams? Let me know !


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