3 tv shows that are worth binge-watching

As you all now I love watching Netflix. And let’s face it there are some pretty good shows you can watch. So cancel all your plans and open Netflix, ’cause you’re in for a treat. I’m sharing three show that I absolutely love, and if haven’t seen them already, you should now. If you have, go watch it again.

1. Riverdale

Riverdale just aired its last episode of season 1, but no worries season two is coming. Personally, I think Riverdale is kind of a mixture of other series I love. It has a narrator like Gossip Girl, its a little dark like Pretty Little Liars and it makes me think of One Tree Hill. Go binge-watch it now, and you’ll be up to date for season 2.


2. 13 Reasons Why

I know, everyone is talking about this one. However, it’s because it is that good. Once you start watching you want to see it all. There will be moments that you didn’t see coming and there will be moments you’ll feel sad.


3. Lie to me

On contrary to the previous two, this isn’t a recent tv-show. Lie to me aired from 2009 till 2011. Which isn’t long and I can’t understand why. I LOVE this show. It is really fascinating and it has enough suspension. If they could just make a fourth season, that would make me very happy.


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