Monthly challenge: May

Last month I did the fitbit challenge. It went surprisingly well, especially the first and third week. The first week was focused on stress, this was my favorite week. The daily challenges didn’t take long, but it gave me time to sit down and relax. The second week didn’t go that well. The challenges itself aren’t that hard, but when it comes to eating healthy I’m always struggling. The other two weeks went really well. The challenge gave me a chance to improve myself and my health just by taking little steps.  I’m taking the daily challenges with me and I’m trying to integrate it in my daily life.

Enough about last month. This month I’m doing a totally different challenge. I’m challenging myself to wear makeup everyday.

You might be wondering “WHY?”. Well, I often read articles of people who stop wearing makeup and they feel much better and gain much more confidence. However, I rarely wear makeup, so I wondered how I would feel wearing makeup everyday. Will I be more confident? How will my skin react? …

We’re already the 3rd of May, so I already started wearing makeup everyday. These days I have been keeping it very simple. Just putting on some eyeshadow, mascara and lipstick. In weekends, I’ll probably take some more time. I’ll try out makeup looks I find on Pinterest, Instagram or YouTube.

If you know an account I should follow that has clear instructions then please let me know! Also let me know if there is a makeup look you want me to try out.


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