Unboxing Deauty Box

Hi everyone,

Recently I received a Deauty Box by buying the dutch magazine “Goed Gevoel”. I absolutely love the box. Today I’ll show you what was in it.

I just love how the box looks like, it’s elegant and simple. And even though the quote is a bit cliché, I still think it’s a pretty quote.

Be your own kind of beautiful!

When opening the box I found a little book describing each product, and it had a coupon for Essie nail polish. (Which I love, because Essie is my favorite). Besides that I also found a bag to put the products in, I assume. Getting that out of the way, I saw the products. The products are:

  • Travel size Head & Shoulder shampoo bottle (the classic): I really like the Head & Shoulder shampoo’s, so to have it in travel size is pretty handy. I’ll definitely take it with me on holidays.
  • L’Oréal Elseve Huile extraordinary oil: I haven’t had the chance yet to test this out, and I’m also a bit afraid that my hair will not agree with it (all though its for all hair types). I’ll keep you posted on this one!
  • Garnier Hydra bomb sheet mask: I had never tried this, until yesterday. I was not disappointed! It’s really nice. After taking the mask off, I really felt hydrated and I felt more awake. I’m definitely buying this product again.
  • RainPharma Advanced precleanser: I didn’t know this product, nor the brand. The leaflet says that I have to use this product twice a day and that it wil clear and hydrate my skin.
  • Essie – Sugar Daddy: The soft pink is gorgeous. And of course it’s Essie, it’s a great brand.
  • Kueshi Nutrix Caviar Eye Contour: Again I didn’t know the product, so I can’t wait to test it out. I have to apply it twice a day around my eyes and I should notice that my skin is more hydrated.
  • Rose mademoiselle – she hand cream:  This hand cream smells like roses and feels very soft.deauty box products

I think it’s pretty clear that I’m loving this box. I’m actually considering to get a subscription. Do you have a subscription on a beauty box (or another kind of box)? What do you think of it? Would you recommend it?


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