My New Years Resolution 

With the new year coming you probably have some new years resolution. Maybe you want to become fitter in 2017. Or become more creative? Maybe you want to run a marathon? Or maybe you just want to enjoy the little things more. My new years resolution is inspired by what my friend Eva from absolutely eve did this past year.

For the past year, Eva challenged herself every month. Because I think this is such a great idea, this will be my new years resolution for 2017. So this means that every month I’ll take on a challenge. The challenges can vary between fitness, food, creativity and so on. I’m still kind of figuring out which challenges I want to take on, so please feel free to share (30 day) challenges with me. Also, I would love it if you participated too. Share your thoughts on the challenges or your ideas for challenges with me through the hashtags #monthlychallenge #asimplesmileblog or just by simply commenting on the blogposts.

Anyways, for January I decided to do a fitness challenge. The first month of the year is filled with exams, so I constantly have to study. Because of this I sit down even more than other times in the year. Yet, it is actually very important to move around and to do some exercising. Not only for your health, but it also helps you to be more energetic and happy. Furthermore, it helps you destress (which is very helpful in a period of constant stress).

So in January I am taking on the 7-minute challenge. Which means that I’m going to workout seven minutes a day and I’m going to be using the “Seven – 7 minute Workout Training Challenge” app for it. Seven minutes a day doesn’t sound to hard, does it? It even sounds like the perfect break. At the end of January or beginning of February, I’ll share with you how it went. I hope you’ll join me in this challenge, if so don’t forget the hashtags!


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