In the spotlight: Once Upon A Time

Once a month I’ll put a serie that I love in the spotlight. So let’s start with my all time favorite: Once Upon A Time


In Once Upon A time all your favorite fairytales come to life. Thanks to a dark curse, the fairytales are trapped in our world. However, no one remembers who they are. They all rely on one person who could break the curse, if she could only believe …

Why you should watch

First of all, the serie is just wonderful. I just love the story. Secondly, the authors based the story on the Disney version and the original version. Above that they also put their own touch to it. This means that they make it very original and fun to watch. Furthermore, the costumes are marvelous. Additionally, while watching, you’ll often think : ‘that is so true!’ The stories contains a lot of deep moments, yet it is so light hearted and fun to watch. Finally, you should watch it because of the amazing actors and actrices. They are all really talented. (Also the men are really hot)


Do you know the show? If so which fairytales do you hope to see in the future? Also, let me know which is your all time favorite show!



sources: Featured Image, photo 1, gif quote, photo evil queen 


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