Beauty vlogs you need to follow now

In a previous post I talked about the book Beauty by Lauren Conrad and how it helped me to learn more about make-up. But besides books I get lots of beauty related information from the internet, especially YouTube. So today I’m going to share with you 5 beauty vlogs that I follow.

I discovered this vlog in may this year and I became a fan instantly. Seriously, Kallie’s videos are great! She ads a bit of humor, but the vlogs are also very helpful. E.g. if you’re looking for a new mascara but don’t know which to buy, Kallie tested it out for you! With the “battle of the drugstore products” she tests products from different brands, she shows you what it looks like and explains what she do and doesn’t like about it.


Thanks to this beauty vlogger I fell in love with nail art. She has a Nail-art For Beginners series, where she gives tutorials for easy, but very chique nail-art. I absolutely adore this series, it helped me become better in nail art. But besides nail-art videos you can also find “get ready with me” clips and reviews.

Did you know: Jenny worked together with Ulta, which resulted in her own Eyeshadow palette. 


If you like nail art than you should definitely follow CutePolish. There are some really cute tutorials, going from characters like the minions or Mario to just adorable flowers. The channel gives you great ideas to pimp your nails, wether it’s for valentine or christmas.


I absolutely love Kalyn. Ok, technically this is more of a lifestyle vlog, but she also shares beauty videos. You should definitely check it out.


Refinery 29 is not really a beauty vlog, but it does have a playlist about beauty. Mi gives you a first look for new products, shares some hacks etc. The playlist only has 5 videos for now, but there are more to come.


So what did you think of my list? Did you follow them already? If you want more beauty vlogs, then check out Eva’s blog, she shares 5 more beauty vlogs you need to follow asap.


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