Authors’ day : Nicholas Sparks

Today, 1st of November, is authors’ day. A perfect day to put one of my all time favorite author in the spotlight.

Nicholas Sparks

Who is he?

Nicholas Sparks is a well known American writer. Last month his new novel Two by Two came out, which is his 18th novel. A lot of his books are made into movies, and I bet you know them. Ever watched The Notebook? Or The Last Song? Those movies are based on his books. Although the movies are great, believe me when I say the books are even better.

One of my favorites

As I just said his books are even better than the movies.¬†Sparks is extremely good in writing down emotions. He has the gift of writing beautiful stories that will make laugh and cry. The stories are very romantic and sincere. Furthermore, when you’re finished reading you’ll still think about it for weeks, because the books are so touching. And that is exactly the reason why I love his books.

Who is your favorite author? Let me know !


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