This book is perfect for beauty dummies

When it comes to make up, I’m a true dummy. I know how to put on foundation or mascara, but my skills are very basic. I don’t know how to highlight or contour and my smokey eye does not look like a proper smokey eye. But thanks to Lauren Conrad‘s book Beauty, I do know now.

The book has 2 parts, in part one the focus is on preparation (what to do before applying makeup) and in part two you’ll find beauty tips and tricks.

Part one talks about the preparation, e.g. the importance of sleep, the importance of sport, explanation about the different shapes a face can have, etc. It’s very basic, but also important information. For me there wasn’t anything new it, but I think it’s great to have this information at hand.

In part two you’ll find the beauty tips and tricks. First of all, Lauren explains the different make-up brushes and their uses. Furthermore she shows what differences each beauty product can make. Secondly, you’ll find tutorials for day and night make-up looks, hairstyles and nail-art. This part also gives lots of basic information. For example, you’ll find a tutorial for a french manicure. 

Everything you’ll read in this book is easy to find on the internet. Nevertheless, I’m very happy with it. Thanks to the many pictures and the explanation, it is really easy to try it out yourself. Now I understand how to do a smokey eye and I understand the basics of contouring and highlighting. Moreover the book looks beautiful and is a perfect coffee table book. I recommend to book to everyone who’s a ‘beauty dummy’ or to anyone who likes to go back to basics.

Do you have the book? What do you think about it? Or do you have a beauty book recommendation for me? Let me know in the comment!

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